Every beginning…


It is the end of a fantastic two years working at Never Too Tanned & Never Too Lashed in Islington, under the mentorship of business owner, Lash Technician and Tanning Expert, Francesca Amber.

I’ve met some amazing people at the salon, learnt how to give the perfect spray tan and honed the craft of Individual Eyelash Extensions. I will really miss my wonderful clients, some of who I see more than my best friends! And I’ll miss working with the girls at the salon, especially Louisa, who undoubtedly does thee best blow dry in London. If you’re looking for voluminous curls and a damn good balayage, she is your girl. You only have to look at her reviews on Treatwell – Bellalou’s at Taylor’d Hair and Beauty Salon – to see I’m not over-exaggerating.

I’ll also miss how hilarious and brilliant my boss is. Francesca has been a huge inspiration in my life so far. I’m so grateful to her for not only giving me a job and providing me with new skills, but for being a huge support to me when I landed myself in the Big Smoke, doing life solo, for the first time ever. She also introduced me to The Law of Attraction and if you don’t know what this is then you need to watch her videos and follow her blog. She’s a wonderful, funny, multi-talented woman. And without her, I’d probably be working in Nandos (not that there is anything wrong with that! It’s actually my restaurant of choice… I am a cheap date. But these are the facts).

So it is the end of my time at Never Too Tanned & Never Too Lashed. But it is the beginning of my own beauty-business-venture. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to find your way and I’m certain new doors will open for me, now that I have made room for them. So whoever is reading this, my friends, family, clients, I will keep you posted through this blog.

Live well, keep laughing and most importantly keep your lashes long!

(I know my blog name is a bit cheesy, but hey, I’m learning not to take myself too seriously!)

Y x


One thought on “Every beginning…

  1. Lou says:

    Ahh I L❤️VE youuuuuu
    Your such a beautiful kind soul and I have no doubt in my mind your gonna achieve amizing things
    I’m gonna miss you soo soo much 😫😫😫
    See you Thursday x X x X x


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