Exciting news and update!

As if by magic, something very exciting happened for me literally A DAY after posting my very first blog. I was invited by the team at Reveal Salons in Farringdon to rent one of their (beautiful!) rooms. I couldn’t believe my luck!

I’d visited Reveal previously, after finding via Instagram, HD Brow Master, Alison Eiffe. I really love my brows. In fact, foundation, lash extensions and eyebrow pencil are my 3 must-haves! I can live without the rest… maybe a little bronzer, if there’s space! But my brows are a pretty important to me and so trusting someone with them is a matter of living a happy life or hiding-away-until-they-please-god-grow-back! It’s probably why they ended up so wild before my appointment with Alison (see picture below!). But I was so, so pleased that I haven’t been anywhere else since. Here’s what she did for me!

HD Brows by Alison Eiffe
Brilliant brows aside, I was looking forward to checking out the beauty room at Reveal Salons to see if it may be suitable for me to hire for Lash Extensions and Spray Tans. And it was PERFECT! You know sometimes in life you go to a place, or you meet a new person and you think, this person, or this place is going to be in my life. That’s how I felt about the salon and the girls here are absolutely lovely! I cannot wait to start.

So here’s to the new venture! I will now be working Thursdays and Fridays at:

Reveal Salons, 11 Eagle Ct, London EC1M 5QD


Thinking of a name is SO hard and I have had about 12 hours to kick start everything ready for next week. So for now it’s going to be ‘Yasmin Tans & Lashes,’ just to make it clear what I offer for now!

Make sure you like my page on Facebook and be sure to come by the salon for a spray tan or lashes soon!

Until the next post!

Y x





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