The Tan Commandments!

I offer a range of products to suit every skin type. So whether you are new to tanning, a bride-to-be, going on holiday, looking for a competition tan or just want some streak free colour for a special occasion, you have come to the right place!

I offer Cocoa Brown, Skinny Tan and Sienna X professional spray tanning solution.

Price: £30.

Ensure your tan is the absolute BEST it can be by applying my ‘Tan Commandments’.

Thou shalt…

  1. EXFOLIATE as much as possible before your tan (pay close attention to knees, hands, feet and elbows). The smoother your skin, the better the result and the longer it will last!
  2. SHAVE/WAX at least 24 hours BEFOREHAND
  3. Ware LOOSE DARK CLOTHING to your appointment (& bring a brolly just incase!)
  4. Skin should be CLEAN from deodorant, creams & perfume before your spray tan
  5. Have your MANI/PEDI before! (soaking hands and feet afterwards will make those areas patchy! Nail polish also prevents staining your nails)
  6. Use an OIL-FREE MOISTURISER afterwards to prolong. (PLEASE DO NOT WEAR MOISTURISER TO YOUR APPOINTMENT!). Ideally, wait until the second or third day after your spray tan before you begin applying your oil-free moisturiser. If you apply the cream to your skin too early it can cause the tan to fade too quickly.
  7. AVOID SWEATING before or directly after your spray tan appointment.
  8. AVOID swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms. These will strip your tan 😦
  9. Choose (COOL!) SHOWERS over baths for the duration of your tan.
  10. PAT SKIN dry with a towel or dry naturally – DO NOT RUB!



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