What do you find beautiful?

Happy Wednesday everyone! As a beautician, beauty blogger and lover of beautiful things, I have to often remind myself of a these two things:

We are beautiful because of how we FEEL, not how we LOOK.

The reason I came off my ‘personal’ Facebook account is because I think it’s such a deception of reality, friendships and LIFE. My newsfeed was either full of smiling, partying, holiday makers or stories of animal abuse and racism. The latter was of course the biggest problem for me and as I was not in control of what I was absorbing, it made me feel overwhelmed and under-motivated. Instagram I find to be a more positive platform, people are often trying to establish their business, their brand or simply create a collection of beautiful moments (hopefully for themselves and not just to ‘look’ good). I truly believe that what makes the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing’, is how we feel inside. The services I offer are to make people look good, but it will only do that if it makes them FEEL good. So that’s what I aim to do.

Beautiful does not mean EXCESSIVE.

Too much of most things is a BAD idea. Too many lashes = fake. Too much tan = tacky. Of course, I will always aim for what my clients want, but I think often think that the simpler, the better. So that’s why I wanted to share this quote with you below. To remind you that we wear make-up, take photos of ourselves and get beauty treatments to FEEL good. Not to look more beautiful. You are beautiful already. It’s often the cup of tea that someone makes you without asking when you have had a bad day that means more that the new lou-bou’s! (these are also welcome, of course!).

I love black and white, always have. Some people say its boring and my friends laugh at me for pretty much always wearing black. But to me, its classy. Simple! So here’s that reminder:


Feel good and have a happy Wednesday!

Y x


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