Lash Aftercare from Yasmin

Be sure to get as much retention from your lashes by following my top tips…

Your lashes do not cure fully for 48 hours and this time is very important. During these two days please avoid getting them wet and do not use a spa, sauna or hot yoga room – extremely hot or low temperatures can effect the bond (including steamy baths and showers).

Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyelashes and try to sleep on your back.

Often people find they loose lashes from one eye sooner than the other, this can be because of your natural hair growth cycle or because of sleeping on your side.

Keep your lashes clean. Slightly wet them when you’re in the shower (but only after the first 48 hours).

After showering, gently blot your lashes with a towel, brush through with your mascara wand then let them air dry.

I do not recommend using eyeshadows, especially powdery ones, or strip eyelash extensions with your lashes, these will make them fall out quicker.

Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions

Only use OIL-FREE makeup remover around your eyes – I recommend Miceller water.

Do not use cotton pads near your eyes as the lint can get tangled in your lashes, a cotton flannel is a better alternative. 

Gently brush through the ends of your lashes every day to keep them tidy. I recommend brushing from on top not underneath so that you can avoid where the lashes are bonded at the base.

DO NOT use an oil-based mascara or liquid eyeliner with your lashes, especially on a day where you are getting infills.

Use care when applying face creams and avoid the lash line. Too many oily products around the eye area can break down the adhesive.

Infill appointments are recommended every two weeks

Please let me know how you get on with your lashes and be sure to leave me a review on my Facebook page for £10 off your next full set of eyelash extensions or lash infill. 

I hope you feel beautiful.


Y x



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